Gender Pay Gap… How is this still an issue?!


Hey guys, I’ve been recently learning about communities of practice and I realised, after understanding what that means, I am associated with a significant one.

Wegner-Trayner explains a community of practice to be “groups of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly” So Which group am I a part of? I am a firm believer of equal pay. If you look at society, it has evolved so much over time and made significant improvements with LGBT rights, ATSI rights, and even made some progress with Women’s rights. What I struggle to understand is how Australia hasn’t fixed the gender pay gap. Like seriously, it’s clear that women are just as capable in some work fields. According to the 2018 report of Australia’s Gender Pay Gap Statistics, the pay gap in Australia 15.3%. Doesn’t that make you ladies out there mad?! It makes me furious. This pay gap highlights the stereotype that women are weak, frail creatures that “belong in the kitchen”.
gender pay gap statistics

I guess you’re wondering how community of practice and the gender pay gap issue are connected right? The characteristics involved that defines a community of practice is the domain (shared topic of interest), the community (engaging in activities/discussions) and the practice (develop resources to address domain). So, if you apply this to the gender pay gap I am a member of a community of practice known as LeanIn, I have been for about a year now. It is an organisation which have circles that meet up regularly, discuss and create strategies to help the gender pay gap issue. This organisation also allows for women to act as role models for girls in society to remind them that they have a voice. If you want to see children’s perspective, click the link below!!

Click to Check out Kids views on the Gender Pay Gap

The reason I am so passionate about this issue is because of my part time job. STORYTIME!! I’ve worked in a butcher for the past 7 years and I constantly feel discriminated against. Not only do I get paid less than the gentlemen with the same skill level I have, but I constantly receive comments from customers remarking how I shouldn’t be working here because I am a woman. Even the managers at my work don’t give me the jobs that are too physically demanding because they class them as “man jobs”. I am just as capable to do the job but just because of my sex I am apparently unable. The biggest step we can take to stopping female discrimination in the workplace is to close the gender pay gap!!


I’m in the midst of doing a project with some students. We are collaborating to devise a campaign to get the gender pay equality message out there. If any of you have any stories or ideas on this matter, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment. I love hearing from you all. What do you think would be the best digital campaign to get the message across? I know you ladies are a bunch of smart cookies so I can’t wait to read your feedback. Even if I have any fellas reading my blog I’d love to hear your opinion.

Until next time my friends ♥♥♥♥♥♥

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